Manali: A Mesmerizing Himalayan Escapade Manali Travelogue Indian Travel Blog

Himachal, the Indian state that has been blessed by nature. Whether it’s adventure sports or just admiring nature’s elegance like lakes, rivers, valleys or snow-clad mountains, it is all here in Himachal Pradesh. This majestic Himalayan state can satisfy a traveller’s wandering soul with it’s various famous and untouched places. Up above in the lofty […]

Rishikesh: The City Of Peace, Divinity & Adventure Rishikesh Travelogue Indian Travel Blog

Uttarakhand is the dwelling place for so many famous pilgrimages, source of India’s river of life – Ganga, and travel destinations. Numerous Gods and Goddesses reside harmoniously in this divine residency, rightly called ‘Dev Bhoomi’. The glory of Uttarakhand is even mentioned in Hindu scriptures, Vedas and Puranas like Ramayana and Mahabharata. As per these […]